Female Housekeeper – Clinic

Responsibilities & Tasks:

Perform thorough cleaning and disinfection of patient examination rooms, waiting areas, and communal spaces to the highest hygiene standards.
Use specialized cleaning agents and techniques as per established protocols to achieve optimal results.
Replace linens, replenish supplies, and empty trash containers promptly to ensure a well-prepared clinic atmosphere.
Collaborate closely with the maintenance team to promptly report any maintenance or repair needs.
Adhere strictly to infection control guidelines, creating a safe and sanitized environment for patients and staff.

Qualifications & Benefits:

Demonstrated attention to detail and a proactive approach to maintaining cleanliness.
Ability to work efficiently while strictly adhering to hygiene and safety protocols.
Courteous and respectful manner in interactions with patients and colleagues.
Physical stamina to manage standing, bending, and lifting during cleaning tasks.
Previous housekeeping experience, particularly in healthcare, is a plus.
Gain the satisfaction of contributing to a hygienic and welcoming environment.
Collaborate with a supportive team committed to upholding cleanliness standards.
Potential for professional growth and advancement in the healthcare sector.
Application: If you’re dedicated to maintaining a clean and safe healthcare environment, share your CV and contact details with us at Email Address.

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