Customer Service Representative


Develop and implement digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and generate leads across all digital channels
Market Researcher:
Conduct market research to gather relevant information and data
Analyze market trends, customer preferences, and competitor activities
Prepare reports, presentations, and summaries based on research findings
Identify opportunities and provide recommendations for business improvement
Online Survey Participant:
Participate in online surveys and questionnaires as assigned
Provide honest and thoughtful responses to survey questions
Ensure compliance with survey requirements and guidelines
Help in the analysis and interpretation of survey results


Data Entry Clerk:
Excellent typing speed and accuracy
Proficiency in using data entry software and tools
Strong attention to detail and organisational skills
Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
Strong analytical skills and proficiency in working with data
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Market Researcher:
Knowledge of market research methodologies and techniques
Familiarity with statistical analysis and data interpretation
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Online Survey Participant:
Willingness to share opinions and provide feedback
Good internet connection and access to a computer or mobile device
Ability to follow instructions and complete surveys within specified timeframes

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