Computer System Analyst

A Computer Systems Analyst often specializes in computer systems specific to the organization they are employed by. They may assist other IT team members in gaining a better understanding on how computer systems can better serve an organization by closely working with business leaders from the company. A Computer Systems Analyst might:

Consult with managers to determine the IT system’s role within an organization.
Research new technologies to determine if installing them could increase the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization.
Prepare cost and benefits analysis to help management determine if IT systems and upgrades to existing computing infrastructure are financially worthwhile.
Devise ways to introduce new functionality to current computer systems.
Design and implement new systems by selecting and configuring software and hardware.
Oversee the installation and configuring of new systems, customizing them for the organization.
Conduct tests to make sure the systems are working as expected.
Train the systems’ end users and write instructional manuals.


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