Computer Operator


Operate and manage computer systems, ensuring proper functionality.
Enter and process data accurately using various software and applications.
Monitor computer performance and troubleshoot technical issues.
Assist in setting up computer hardware and peripherals.
Maintain and update software, drivers, and operating systems.
Perform routine backups of data to prevent data loss.
Generate and distribute reports, documents, and presentations.
Respond to user inquiries and provide technical support.
Manage and organize electronic files and documents.
Ensure data security and confidentiality in line with company policies.
Coordinate with IT support for resolving complex technical problems.
Assist in training employees on basic computer usage and software.
Collaborate with team members to achieve department goals.
Keep records of computer-related activities and maintenance.
Skills and Qualifications:

High school diploma or equivalent.
Proven experience as a computer operator or in a similar role.
Strong computer literacy and familiarity with operating systems (Windows, macOS, etc.).
Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
Basic knowledge of computer hardware and peripherals.
Technical troubleshooting skills to address common issues.
Attention to detail in data entry and document management.
Time management skills to handle multiple tasks efficiently.
Communication skills to provide user support and assistance.
Adaptability to changing software and technology.
Ability to work independently and in collaboration with others.
Problem-solving skills to diagnose and resolve technical problems.
Understanding of data security and confidentiality.
Willingness to learn and stay updated on technology trends.

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