Cashier for Mall

As a Cashier at the renowned Dubai Mall, you will play a pivotal role in providing efficient and friendly service to shoppers. Your attention to detail and strong numerical skills will ensure smooth transactions and positive customer experiences. Key responsibilities include:

* Customer Checkout: Accurately and efficiently process customer purchases at the point of sale, handling cash, credit card, and digital payments.
* Cash Handling: Count and reconcile cash drawer at the beginning and end of each shift, ensuring accuracy in cash transactions.
* Receipts and Returns: Issue receipts for purchases and process returns or exchanges following established procedures.
* Product Knowledge: Familiarize yourself with store products, promotions, and policies to assist customers with inquiries.
* Queue Management: Maintain organized queues and manage customer flow at the checkout area, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.
* Security: Adhere to security protocols to prevent fraud or theft, reporting any suspicious activities.
* Cash Register Maintenance: Ensure cash registers and payment processing equipment are in good working order.

Strong numerical and mathematical skills.
Excellent attention to detail and accuracy in cash handling.
Customer service-oriented with strong communication skills.
Ability to handle high-volume transactions efficiently.
Familiarity with point-of-sale (POS) systems is a plus.

. Information Source: Jobs – Khaleej Times Classifieds | jobs in uae, dubai, properties, used cars in dubai.

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