Cargo Loader

For the position of Cargo Loader, ideal candidates are capable of performing a variety of tasks related to the shipment of products in a professional and timely manner. A cargo loader loads and unload chemicals and bulk solids, such as coal, sand, and grain into or from tank cars, trucks, or ships using material moving equipment.

Cargo Loader Responsibilities:
• Verifies tank, car, barge, or truck load numbers to ensure car placement accuracy based on written or verbal instructions.
• Observes positions of cars passing loading spouts, and swing spouts into the correct positions at the appropriate times.
• Operates ship loading and unloading equipment, conveyors, hoists, and other specialized material handling equipment such as railroad tank car unloading equipment.
• Monitors products movement to and from storage tanks, coordinating activities with other workers to ensure constant product flow.
• Records operating data such as products and quantities pumped, gauge readings, and operating times, manually or using computers.
• Checks conditions and weights of vessels to ensure cleanliness and compliance with loading procedures.
• Operates industrial trucks, tractors, loaders and other equipment to transport materials to and from transportation vehicles and loading docks, and to store and retrieve materials in warehouses.
• Connects ground cables to discharge any static electricity when unloading tanker cars.
• Seals outlet valves on tank cars, barges, and trucks.
• Tests samples for specific gravity, using hydrometers, or send samples to laboratories for testing.

. Information Source: Jobs – Khaleej Times Classifieds | jobs in uae, dubai, properties, used cars in dubai.

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